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Chasingcars | 21:30 Sun 06th Jul 2014 | Jobs & Education
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I don't know if anyone else is familiar with the 360 feedback forms that are done in some companies? You get the chance to confidentially feedback on other members of your team, dept or company. Some general questions plus anything specific, good or bad as well.
I completed a few forms for people and coincidentally one of the people i gave feedback on has suddenly been quite 'off' with people when she sees me in the office. I walked into the tea room the other day and she barely grunted at me. I winder if she is aware that i have given her the feedback ( not sure how she would know, but seems odd that her behaviour has suddenly changed)
( and unfortunately hers was more constructive feedback than positive)
Should i..
-Confront her about her current attitude towards me.
-Ignore her ( well not ignore her but ignore her odd behaviour and treat her the same)
-Speak to her manager?
I heed to be a little careful a if i make an issue out if it, it may then be obvious that the feedback was from me.

Im just the sort of person that just wants to get on with everyone and don't like any bad feeling.

Advice appreciated, thank you


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let it go. If you are right, it won't help, if you are wrong it really won't help.
Ignore the strange behaviour and treat her as normal. If she has something to say, it is up to her to do it.
Question Author
Hi woolfgang, yes true, i dont know 100% her attitude is to do with me and my feedback. She is just one of these people that would shoot her mouth off and dont like to think of people mad mouthing me when all of this should have been confidential!
Question Author
Hi pixie373, yes i have done so far...she was off with me a couple of weeks ago and i thought maybe she just had a bad day, but then she was the same this week so i just chatted away in the tea room like usual but she is so rude it just frustrates me...i would never dream of having her tone with people.
She could be in a snit about anything. Ignore her odd behaviour or just ask her casually if she is ok (as opposed to confronting her).
Question Author
Hi sherrardk..yes i did think of that, something along the lines of ' you dont seem yourself at the moment, is everything ok?' However knowing the mouthy character she us, she may well ask outright if i completed the 360 form...if she dies do i deny it?
To clarify, all i said on her form was : she is friendly but can be blunt to the rude a lot of times, also i said could dress smarter as she often turns up dressed very very casual, more like something for college than work.
Honestly really, do not probe, do not ask if she is ok, Be your usual friendly self and LET IT GO.
I've run 360° reviews - if done properly, it should be virtually impossible for anyone to work out exactly who has made any specific comments (either positive or 'constructive').

Carry on as before, in particular "don't mention the war", I'm sure that things will settle down soon enough.

I'm curious, are 360 reviews a random thing or are specific people asked to review other specific people?
Steer clear of confrontation at work.
I'd leave it.
Seems like your employer is another company who doesn't care what damage they do to employee relations.
Surely if you take a 360 review you only end up back where you start with?
We do 360 reviews - it's difficult to tell who wrote what. I would imagine that if the other people have put negative comments, then her overall review has been quite poor and she is probably in a grump with everyone that had input and not just you specifically.
Again, as others have said, it could be that her mood is completely unrelated to work and something is going on at home. You never really know for sure, especially if she isn't a close friend/ colleague.
Try to ignore her bad feelings - you did what you were meant to and were honest in your feedback.
Question Author
Sherrardk... Wg are asked to complete the 360 on our line manager as a minimum and then as many other people we want, either directors, colleagues or other depts, can be positive, specific, general or constructive or mix of all.
We do it every July.
I will leave things with the said person, its just she is only off with me as heard her chatting and laughing with other pele shortly are she was grunting at me in the tea room!

Inksplotter- i get what you mean however i think its based on the person you are reviewing standing in the middle and getting feedback from all directions, so to speak. Ie 360
Just leave it - it might not only be you who's fed back in the way you did.

I find it odd that your firm asks you to feed back randomly as well as your line manager, on people not in your line responsibility. That's more like whistleblowing!

360 can be a good tool if used by people who understand how to analyse it.
...and the person being reviewed should never know where the feedback comments came from (although in a small organisation, it's probably easy to work it out).

In work, you just have to accept that you can't get on with everyone. If this woman is in a huff about criticism, it's her problem, not yours.
yeah let it go ....

who knows why someone is grunting at you ?
she may not know herself
-- answer removed --
The fact that she was happy and laughing with her pals implies to me that there is nothing bad going on, outside of the work environment. If she's grumpy towards you and few others, then I think it's safe to assume that the criticism was specific enough that she guessed it came from you.

If you don't like bad feeling then letting this simmer, potentially for years, just ramps up the resentment. Why not defuse the situation while events are still fresh in everyone's memory?

Or can we read into this that the critisicism was something which you are uncomfortable with saying to her face?

Note: discuss any attempts at DIY reconciliation with your line manager first: they might want to insist that you don't rock the boat. Just make sure they acknowledge that running 360s on anyone outside middle management level was their idea.

(I prefer to think of it as a vertical 360 - review how the person interacts with senior management above them, frontline staff below them and equal pay grades either side of them, who run other teams).
Edit- scratch the suggestion of open criticism of implementing 360s on non-management staff. Even if it's what -I- think of as management BS, you shouldn't jeopardise your prospects by expressing similar thoughts. Sorry.

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