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Selling 2nd Hand Cars

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Skithepowder | 11:32 Mon 15th Aug 2005 | Jobs & Education
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I am considering starting to go to some of the local car auctions and try and pick up a bargain or two and then try to resell it. I already have a job and I don't intend for this to replace the job, just to earn a bit extra. I was just wondering whether anyone knows about the rules of advertising the car as a private sale or trade sale, when does it become wrong to advertise as a private sale, because I thought that you're not allowed to sell like 50 cars or some other high number from home in a year all as private sales? Is there a limit to the number of cars you can sell from home, because there are certain rules about running businesses from home for certain things etc aren't there. Does anyone know where I can find out more about these kind of rules?


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if you're turning over more than a certain amount you must pay tax (sorry I'm unsure about the set amount, seem to recall it's about 140,000)

Auctions tend to sell untaxed cars in which case you'll need a trade plate or low loader in order to transport the car.  To obtain a trade plate you'll need motor trade insurance.

Can't tell you too much more off the top of my head, as we're finding out as we're going along but my boyfriend was a used car salesman who left his job to start up by himself.  It's going okay so far...

If you sell through the likes of the Autotrader, they are duty bound to inform HM customs if you are trading more than (i think) 9 cars a year. It could actually be less. If this is the case you must register as a trader.

My dad used to be a trader and when he stopped and we both tried to sell our cars through the Autotrader within a few weeks of one another the Autotrader brought it up and insisted we were trading (as they keep a record of your name and address for future)

With this in mind sometimes its not your choice and the people that will hit you hardest are the Tax people. And believe me, they will.

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Selling 2nd Hand Cars

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