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Working from home

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lowrie333 | 11:09 Mon 15th Aug 2005 | Jobs & Education
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I am about to apply for a job that is based at home. It will mainly be answering IT support calls and replying to electronic communication. I know everything about the job as I do a version of it now, so that isn't my worry. 

However, I am worried that I will miss the social interaction of working with other people (however much i think they are prats where I currently work!).  I am only 25, with no family, and this will only be my third job.  The company would also supply me with everything that I need to do the job, so no personal expense on my part there. Of course, I would be able to spend longer on AB! 

Any views or opinions would be appreciated.



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I worked from home for a year, although I travelled to and from meetings at various times, most of my week was spent in my office at home.

To be honest for that period I loved it, but I grew tired of the lack of social interaction and I really had no 'events' to tell my partner about, you know... guess what John said today etc etc.  I enjoyed it for the time but I was craving to get back into work so that I could chat with people and have some banter, go for a drink after work and interact.

It depends how social you are.  If I had a wife and family at home, working from home would appeal again, but at the moment I don't. 

i do the same, my work is 100% home based on a computer and i have a wife and child and i am 28 years old, and i love it. no more commuting, no more expenses of lunchtimes or petrol costs, work at home with the telly on an music playing. no boss on your back(maybe through the computer but he cant see my face pulling lol) and i get to have my little one pop in the office in between scooby doo and duck dodgers with a drink for her daddy and a cuddle!

But i am also missing the banter u get at a workplace, and i have very few friends outside of my family, but these can be solved by going to a gym and socilalising, or finding other things to do to meet new people like night classes etc. Plus u can txt your friends, msn your friends or if u can call your friends while all the time working! Not many workplaces allow that to happen 

And of course, i sometimes AB when i should be working knowing that no one will pass my screen and sack me for it!

I know your posting has been here for a while! Would you have any contacts for this type of home working please?
Many thanks,

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Working from home

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