I hope you will all be able to answer this 'type' of question.

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JonnyBoy12 | 20:00 Thu 02nd Aug 2012 | Jobs & Education
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As you all know I am looking for work and will consider almost anything. I would consider many things but would definitely do typing up manuscripts from home. Can anyone tell me how I can find this type of work (no pun intended) and how much I can charge for this?

I have emailed the Writer's and Artist's Yearbook but they have not replied. Can I write to the publishers directly and where do I find their email addresses?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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No luck finding a job yet, Jonny.
Question Author
I already have a job, thank you, as the founder member of the Spelling Police. However as yet the Editor of the Answerbank does not yet value my services enough to pay me for them. I do this then as a labour of love for my love of the English Language.
Well jonny besides your labour of love,what experience do you have in other jobs ?.
Well done pasta.
Unfortunately nowadays it's very rarely that publishers need the help of typists as most authors submit manuscripts by email or on disc. But it might be worth contacting them anyway - occasionally we get books written by old codgers who have yet to find their way around a computer!

Use the Writer's & Artist's Yearbook for phone numbers, then ring up and ask for a contact name and email address in the editorial department - senior commissioning editor would be a good one to ask for. Don't ask to speak to them as they probably won't put you through. Then send an email introducing yourself and attaching your CV. But PLEASE read what you've written very carefully before you hit the send button - any spelling and grammar errors and you'll go straight into the recycle bin.

Hope that helps!
B O L L O X - is this a wind-up then, tony?
jonny, these days most people use word processors so people who write longhand are few and far between.

However - university students who are disabled and can't write need help - my friend's son had a scribe who used to write up his assignments he dictated. Contact your local university student support office, see what they say.
I agree with Box. I got a mail from the Uni only a week ago asking for (self-employed) people interested in providing this type of support. The rate was not bad, either.
Oops, not a wind-up then. I should know better than to listen to our Tone. Sorry, Jonny, and good luck with your job hunt.
Question Author
I am very interested to hear that, annemollie. Can you provide me with the details of the University in question or would it have to be my local one?

I would, of course, be able to have work posted to me by snail mail and then email the results back to the author.
Hey kiki, I didn't think it was a wind up, I just wanted to know if Jonny has any experience in any other work.
jonny, it would need to be a university you can get to easily, as you need to be there with your allocated student. Something about our local university here http://www.canterbury...rmation-for-staff.asp
It was for people to be with the students who have registered their disabilities with Student Services (during the semesters and examination periods).
E-mail would only work if you were editing/proofreading theses/dissertations, etc.
If you wanted to do this'd dieting work, then I would suggest that you approach the uni and ask for permission to advertise your services on their notice boards.
Find your nearest uni and approach S. Services first.
Good luck!
That's what I'd suggest, annemollie - speak to the Student Support Unit at any university, to see what the opportunities might be.
'this editing work'
Apple spellchecker-grrr!
Sorry, tony, misread totally what you were saying - was tired and emotional at the time!

jonny, you've probably thought of this one already, but as you're very hot on spelling and suchlike, have you thought of proof reading as well as typing?
try your local university when i was a student we used to pay to have our dissitations typed up,
hi Jonny. My first and obvious question is can you type? and how many words a minute can you do?
Question Author
Silliest answer award goes to bednobs; the best answer goes to the rest of you for your mainly sensible replies. Of course I can jolly well type; I would not be offering this kind of service if I could not. I was not aware that I had to be near my allocated student as thought it could all be done by post and email.

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I hope you will all be able to answer this 'type' of question.

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