how to become a dietition and nutritionalist?

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tweenyb | 07:00 Wed 20th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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i am looking for info on distance learning or part time courses on how to become a dietition and nutritionalist at a drs surgery or a hospital and there are so many courses on offer i have no idea which are the most recognisably accepted in those fields.
can anyone help me please?



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To get a job as a dietician or nutritionist you would need a degree in dietetics.
I cannot imagine a surgery or hospital appointing anyone on a the strength of a home study type certificated course. Other ABers might know more.
Why not? Annabel Karmel has written books on nutrition for babies and young children with no formal qualifications?

Agreed, but all dieticians I have heard about through friends who see them, working at surgeries or hospitals have degrees. I could probably write a book on it myself as have been interested in it for over 35 years and there are some fantastic books written by people with no formal qualifications but tweenyb actually stated working in surgeries or hospitals.
indeed that's why the (tic) is there

Annabel Karmel books AND meals should be taken form the shelves, IMHO of course.
Sorry, pink-kittens didn't notice the tic. Agree!!
See here
and here:

As others have suggested, you'll need a university degree to work in those fields within the NHS.

You need to undertake a university degree course to become a qualified dietician. I work in the NHS and you would not get employment on the basis of home study or non-acceptable qualification.
Here's the sort of job you'd be looking for once you qualify - you'll see they specify that they want a graduate

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how to become a dietition and nutritionalist?

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