Pictorial phonetic alphabet

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mollykins | 16:41 Sat 16th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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Just in the process of planning some lessons for the younger cadets.

One of the things i thought I'd do was parts of a boat/ ship. There 12- 18 of them so i'm going to write out labels of the nautical term on one bit of card then on another get a picture of what it is with a bit of a description underneath that they can copy into their work books, they then have to match the label to the picture/ description.

Is this kinda thing do-able for the phonetic alphabet? The kids will be betwen 12 and 14 who do this so the clues can't be to hard, like I doubt I'd be able to do 'delta' and a picture of a river delta and for them to match up successfully . . .


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Certainly, yes - all the phonetics could be pictorial. Bravo could be clapping hands, Oscar - the golden statue, India - well, India - it's a good idea.
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I could think of pictures for some of them but not; alpha, delta, echo, foxtrot/ tango (not without them being mixed up anyway), kilo, quebec, sierra, zulu . . . unless I do word clues for them . . .
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Should I pose it to the fine people of 'quizzes and puzzles' for pictorial clues for those ones?
Alpha - you could just put the letter A for that, first letter of the Greek alphabet.
Delta - delta-winged aircraft?
Echo - pic of an ear with the sound bouncing back? ))))))))
Foxtrot - a fox dancing
Tango - Tango can of drink
Kilo - weight
Quebec - map of canada, X marks the spot
Sierra - Pic of a Ford Sierra (from an advert?)
Zulu - there must be a pic of a Zulu Warrior on the internet!
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Most of them are things I thought about but TBH not many twelve year olds are going to get those clues are they?
You'd be surprised, why don't you run through the alphabet with them first to give them some hints, then tell them they'll be matching them to the clues later on.
Yankee = US flag
Golf = club
X-ray = skeleton
But if some of they clues they are sure to get - then it becomes a matter of elimination - what did you know / taught when you were that age?
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I joined when i was nearly fifteen and I can't even remember being taught it but they like you to come up with things for them to do to learn something rather than you just talking at them . . .
I think it's a good idea. Go for it.
you might find something here!cpZZ2QQtppZZ16

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Pictorial phonetic alphabet

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