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Rubyrose | 23:49 Sat 09th Jun 2007 | Education
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Has anyone tried learning another language from those 'self teach' tape things? I was listening to one just now as my mum has loads but I don't know if it's worth just listening to them over and over or actually doing a class in it! My mum learnt Italian through the tapes and through going to the classes but the classes seem expensive!

Has anyone ever actually learnt a language by just listening to them?

I was just doing tape one of Italianissimo 1.

Una Gelato Perfavore
Due Gelati Perfavore

... See.. I am learning already!


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I just bought a spanish phrase book ready for my hols end of june, i can now ask for a vino grande and for some reason where the gay bar is ????????
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Of course you need to know that Dot! Wouldn't be a real phrase book if it didn't tell you that! Lol

I can say 'Porte avero sesso?'.... Which I think is 'Where can I find sex'.. Lol
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Potrei Avere Sesso.....

I need to work on the spelling!
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and it means 'can I have' not 'where do I find'... Yep... I definately need the classes! Lol
yeah that first one said where can i find sox
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Hmmm... Looks like I will be going to the classes then as the tape is now confusing me!
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Well the classes at the nigth school will be about �80-�100 for a 10 week course depending on whether you do 1hr or 2hrs! I think I will enjoy it though!
I find it hard to stay focused on the tapes after listening a couple of times. One would have to be extremely disciplined in oder to do that. I eventually quit the tapes and took classes.
Ruby, I speak Italian pretty well. I have Italian family and I lived in Rome for a while too. I would suggest that you could study to GCSE on your own but after that you need guidance. Read Italian literature and if you need someone Italian to email I can sort a cousin or something out for you, when you feel ready for that sort of level. For now make sure you know the three basic verb formation of Italian, work on the present and learn a new word and a new verb everyday. Then work on the past!

You can always spaz me any questions xx
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Thanks Goodsoul but my best friend is Italian and lives in Sardinia. She is the one I stayed with this week just gone! So I can email her.. I know it's a different dialect but it's basically the same!

I think classes are my best bet as if I do it off my own back I won't stay focused. But if I am paying for it then I will have to. I will do the classes and learn the tapes in my spare time!

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Language Tapes!

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