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What is the best working from home job on the Internet?

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JonnyBoy12 | 22:22 Thu 06th Jan 2011 | Career Advice
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Sorry to post here once again, but still have no job despite your kind efforts to help me. I am now considering working from home as have a computer (obviously), and not inconsiderable typing skills. Can anyone tell me how I can earn any money working from home? I am told in this age of technology that we no longer need typing skills, but I am not so sure. Could any computer illiterate authors send me their handwritten manuscripts for me to type up at home, or could I go to their home and type for them while they dictate their work telling me to type even faster? Will consider anything that is operated from the Internet, but do not want to be conned into spending more money.

Thanks in advance for your ever helpful answers.


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You'd have to be able to type like the clappers for someone to dictate to you. when dictaphones were used you could pause and rewind them.
you would also have to be a brilliant at spelling and grammar, at punctuation and at manuscript layout etc

some people do transcription but you have to have medical or legal knowlegde to get much work...
TBH JohnnyBoy, i don't think such jobs exist (are you the guy who wanted to be a drug mule and an HGV driver?)

Have you considered jobs such as working in a supermarket or factory, where you don't need specific skills? It must be very demoralising to still be unemployed, sorry :(
As you said you need to earn some money from home,So I am suggesting you to do a online business instead of doing a online job.Because online business are more secure and safe to make some good money.As I am doing a online business which is based on reselling and earning around $140 per month.If you are interested in this reselling business .Then you can start your own reselling business by getting a reseller account from the site .By using the account you can sell domain,hosting,SEO service to the customer by fixing your own price and getting the commission from the provider.
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