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Proactivity | 16:52 Tue 24th Mar 2009 | Career Advice
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A 20yo friend is trying to get into a career in photography, but doesn't know where to start. She studied photography at college (I don't know if she came away with a qualification), but she claims that nobody takes apprentices over the age of 19 (I haven't checked this out),

Does anyone have any advice on how to get a foot in the door of any of the many careers involving photography, not including developing photos?


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Advertise in locals to cover parties/weddings. Local bridal/hair & beauty/cake shops may distribute business cards.
You can be on an apprenticeship until the age of 24 but I imagine the difficulty in this field will be finding a 'Learning Provider' (ie college) that offers a recognised course. It isnt run of the mill, doubtless because there arent the employment opportunities and competition is so stiff.

An apprenticeship is a two handed thing - work and learning, If she has already completed the learning, or started and failed then she may have missed her opportunity. al-photography.cfm
Look at this, she may find something of use
Your friend needs to read a few books on marketing. That's a tough business with lots of competition, both professional and amateur. She probably needs to do something radical, like visit all of the wedding related businesses in the area and setup some sort of drawing for free wedding pictures. The ticket will have a space for the entrants' name, address, phone number, date of wedding, etc. These tickets should be collected weekly. Your friend can then use them to offer a big discount off wedding photos, and should they win the contest, the photos would be free of course. The only catch is that your friend needs to do top-notch work. So the other businesses will not be afraid to recommend her services in the future.
Photography is best choice as a career. Its easy to learn Photography.You can be able to make some good and attractive Photo by following this tutorials.
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