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Car Insurance grrrrrr

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Barmaid | 20:35 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Insurance
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Our car insurance ran out 2 days ago. No reminders sent. Thankfully, neither of us have been anywhere since Thursday and something in the back of my mind said "cars need reinsuring at end of November". Just phoned the company for a renewal and thankfully they have automatically renewed. We have a multi car policy and the premiums have gone up by £500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a rip off. Can anyone suggest a good insurer for up range cars (BMW 7 series and Mercedes SLK?).

I can't believe that for us (over 45 for one and over 35 for the other) with no claims over 12 years and neither of us having any convictions can have gone up 500 knicker. Robbing barstewards.


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theyve all gone up, barmaid.

try adrian flux, though as your insurers have renewed youll need to move fast
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I know, I've already incurred a £22.50 cancellation charge. The important thing is, we are insured. (Got name of operative, time etc and she is sending out copy certificates). I know it goes up because it does every year, but £500? It was £700 last year and now its £1200 that is just bloody ridiculous.
I must be very lucky with MoreThan - I'm actually paying LESS this year than I was last year.
had this with my car insurance a couple of months ago,it went up and when i queried it i was told by woman on the phone "oh its to do with a lot of claims we have had to deal with this year". i said "havent claimed in 30 yrs of driving or luckily enough had an accident" i told her but it didnt make any difference,but i did manage to get it £35 cheaper in the end tho! legalised robbery the lot of it!
last year my a3 sport was £360 fully comp, me and the missus to drive with 1 no-fault claim, 0 points and 8 years NCB.
this year my renewal was £590 and when i done quotes elsewhere they varied from £950 - £2200.
i think as insurance is a "must have" and if you have none you'll have big fees when police impound the car, i think they have just hiked the price to whatever they like just because they know you need it.
i know my theory may sound mad and can't be proved but 2 or 3 weeks ago it was on watchdog and all insurance companies were coming out with weird and different excuses as to why the increase was so bad.

i'm with swiftcover.
gingejbee - lucky you. I paid £560 in 2008. £495.75 last year and then shock horror £582.50 this year!!!
blimey and im moaning, i only paid £235 fully comp for my 4 yr old mondeo !!
gingejbee, if you have to make a claim, dont let more than take your car to be fixed at their repairers, i did this 3 years ago when someone reversed into my car on a car park. biggest mistake ever, car was painted a different colour 3 times and eventually they damaged a panel that didn't have any damage and covered it up with the incorrect paint they'd painted the front wing and bumper in... in the end i refused to let them touch it and went elsewhere at their expense
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lmao - am currently obtaining a quote from a national insurer and the sods have said my address doesn't exist. She insists we live in a communal building or flat - its a 5 bedroom detached house built in 2002. I have been on hold for 10 minutes 30 seconds so far.

Right, that's it I see a gap in the market for an honest car insurer.
Thanks wilkes,will bear that in mind - haven't had a claim with them for many years.
no probs gingejbee - my a3 is yellow and their repairers actually said "we always have problems with yellow" yet they agreed to do it and told me the paint was a 100% match thinking you're not gonna see the car to see the wrong paint LOL
Barmaid my insurance broker tried to up my 3rd pary F&T from £357 to £600+ the other month, I told them they were off their rocker and I expected to pay less than last year not more, they played about and got it down to £400 and threw in legal cover, breakdown and windscreen.
It was easy to do, I just sat there and told them straight they had to get the price down or I;'d go somewhere else, they're only selling stuff like everyone else.
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I always opt out of legal cover on the basis that anything a solicitor for the insurance company can do I can do better myself.

This car insurance thing really is a pain.
Yes barmaid, but you do have the necessary legal training - a lot of people don't, & wouldn't know where to start.
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I opt out of legal cover, and buy it from the RAC cheaper.
I saved lots with Directline, but be wary of the premium jumping in the second year.
Question Author
Directline won't insure our cars for some reason. It's a minefield out there. Mind you, you would love the conversations I have had when the quoters says you get a "courtesy car" and I ask whether it is really a courtesy car or credit hire. They are very very funny.

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Car Insurance grrrrrr

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