Insurance rant alert......

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R1Geezer | 09:55 Fri 16th Jul 2010 | Insurance
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Ok I used to get a quote, great all is well, I then get emailed by the guys with the cheapest quote. Again very efficient, now the fun starts, I was unable to log on to their website, tried many times but for some reason my details/password didn't work. So I called the number, all I want to do is activate the insurance, I have the quote ref and I want to pay via debit card, easy! Nope, first I get some chinese sounding guy who I can barely comprehend, then they want to know all the ins and outs of a cats chuff again! Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh the same info they already have in order to do the quote. why why why? Told them they are a useless sh0wer of sh1te and slammed the phone down. Why do they do that? why the already have the data!


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makes you wonder how easy such companies would also be to deal with if a claim arrises.
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The company is More th>n, so I'd have expected more!
and that why i always deal with a broker like Adrian Flux.
A common complaint! Thats why a broker is often best. Pay a bit more and get some service. I work for a broker and whilst we don't always get it right, you can usually be assured of dealing with a person who knows what they are talking about rather than some call centre staffed by people who aren't that well trained. Get in touch if you need some help

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Insurance rant alert......

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