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caila25 | 16:22 Thu 15th Jul 2010 | Insurance
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a few months ago my bf was pulled by police for no insurance and has a court date for next week but is he still allowed to drive untill then as we have new insurance?


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thank you i thought he could but a friend thought he couldnt
Why not check with the police to make 100% sure.
Did you manage to avoid being charged for allowing him to drive your car which wasn't insured?
Did you manage to sort out your insurance?
I have just noticed your earlier question.

I have not read all the 148 answers, but there are a couple of points worth a mention.

No Insurance is more usually dealt with by way of a fixed penalty of £200 and 6 penalty points, so there must be a reason why the police did not make that offer. However, this is the most likely outcome at the Magistrates’ Court – although the fine may vary and he will also be ordered to pay costs of about £80 and a Victim Surcharge of £15.. As a result your boyfriend will be subject to the “New Drivers” regulations. These say that anybody gaining six or more penalty points within two years of passing their first test will have their full licence revoked and they will revert to provisional status. This means the driving test (both parts) will have to be passed again.

The police are not the best people to ask about matters of law. If you need any specific advice you should seek it from a solicitor. However, generally the police have no powers to prevent a person from driving, apart from those they exercise to temporarily stop them from doing so if they have committed an offence. (They can, for example, seize a vehicle in a number of circumstances and they can arrest a driver for some offences such as Excess Alcohol).

Only a court can impose a driving disqualification and, following the commission of the offence you mention your boyfriend is free to drive provided, of course, he complies with all the various laws concerning insurance, driving licence and so on.

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