life insurance for sickos!

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jaberwocky | 08:20 Thu 26th Jun 2008 | Insurance
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does anyone know of an insurance company who will take on someone with an existing medical condition?tried loads but the minute i tell them what the problem is,they dont want to know.thanks.


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How old is the person?
Question Author
i am 40ish. only look about 18 though!!!
Not knowing what your problem is and i wouldnt ask such a personal thing, the fact is INS co,s are in business to make a profit , insurance is for something that may possibly happen not something that is going to happen, consequently they will not take what they consider unacceptable risks with policys.
what is your illness.
i have life insurance with abbey, with a pre existing medical condition. i ccant get critical illness cover though, just basic, pay-out-if-you-die stuff
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had half liver removed due to liver cancer.then very nearly kicked the bucket after contracting company seems to want me-BOO HOO!!!!!
Try googling ' all clear ' travel insurance
They promise to cover any medical condition

Let us know if they take you on
Hi Jaberwocky,

I'm a life assurance underwriter for one of the big UK insurance companies.

If you had a primary liver cancer (rather than cancer somewhere else which then spread to your liver) we wouldn't be able to offer any life cover until at least 4 years have passed from when your treatment was completed. We could then consider offering life cover with an increased premium. All insurance companies are different though, not all would follow the same guidelines.

The MRSA wouldn't be an issue, as long as you've made a full recovery from that.

Hope this helps.
I am a financial adviser, and there is a company we deal with who deal with "impaired" lives, no guarantees, but they specialise in people exactly like yourself. But as the underwriter says, it depends on timescales, some companies can put in exclusions which may help, for example they won't pay out on anything related or indirectly related to your liver/cancer, but they may pay out if you died through something unrelated, saya car crash which could happen to anyone.

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life insurance for sickos!

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