Who is my car insured with?

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Arkwrong | 14:03 Fri 20th Jun 2008 | Insurance
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having lost the paperwork, how do i find out which company my car is insured with?


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see where you made the payment?

if monthly then check your bank statement

if by cheque, check the cheque stub

if paid by card again check statement.
tesco maybe , acted as an agent , for your motor ins., ......redcrx ...??
Maybe you have a policy document that tells you?

Where is your certificate of insurance - the thing you have to produce by law if required to?

Both of those documents will tell you.
cant believe you have no idea...there must be small clue somewhere....
whats the reg no ?...
Two options:
1. Ask the DVLA or MIB- for a �3.50 fee they may tell you
2.Try to get stopped by the police and they will do a check that you are insured, then ask them for the result.

How do you know you are insured? It may have run out. How did you pay?

1.Maybe you pay by direct debit, look at ur bank account.
2.Have you got a receipt for insurance
3.Phone DVLA, they know everything about your car.
4.Ask the police; they have gadgets to check u out by your registration.
5.Dump the car somewhere illegal and the police will knock on your door and kindly give u all the info you want, plus a fine, 3 points and Court action.

Hope this helps
Tell ur mum to ring the police and say she washed your papers in the washing machine....could they kindly give her the name & number of your insurance policy so she can get copies for you have gone to Holland to buy her some special biscuits.
I have just bought a car and got a quote from More Th>n but they want to know who the car is currently insured with before I can continue the application. I have checked with MID (Motor Insurance Database) and the car is still insured, I assume by the previous owners but I no longer have their contact info. So what the hell do I do now! And the tax has expired but I have no policy to renew it! LOL.
iv lost my van insurance papers and dont know who im insured with. I need to know so i can get a new road tax. can u help
how do i find out who i am insured with
My car registration is WF57 PFK. I have lost or mislaid all my documentation and cannot remember who my car is insured with.

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Who is my car insured with?

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