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JinnyJoan | 11:29 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | Insurance
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Every now and again I park my car on the road.  I live on a cul-de-sac so no kerb.

Reason being when I park on driveway there are like 6 cars outside of one neighbour and 7 outside another plus sometimes a school bus so it is difficult to manoeuvre from the driveway

I have told my insurance company I park on drive way.  If my car was ever hit on the road would I be penalised.  Thanks




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So long as you usually park on your drive there shouldn't be a problem. I say that I park the car in the garage but occasionally I leave it out. I've just looked back on Google Earth and Google Street View and I can't find a single picture of my car on the drive, so I could use that as evidence if ever there's a problem.

Put it this way, you have not been asked by your insurance company to guarantee them that you will always park your car on the drive every night. The question normally is ( where do you normally park your car at night. Although it could be used as a loop hole for them to refuse a claim, its highly unlikely. Don't worry your head about it.

Just to add, and no desrespect to you, because i dont know what you drive, if it was a very expensive car in the 60k 100k range they may well try to use that loop hole.

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dont worry nb - deffo not an expensive car 

Any damage due to vehicles maneouvering should be slight & if you can't claim from the culprit it may not be worth claiming on your own insurance.

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that's right Dave but if the damage was like a car door very badly dented - I would have to claim

I do resent having to keep it on the road and it can be so bad some friends of mine will not visit because of the many cars.  

Mammy and daddy drove then along came the children and once they turned 18 each one of them got a car.  

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