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Car Insurace Ncb

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btrobin | 10:06 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | Insurance
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My son rents a property in S.E.London, and parks his car on the space provided at the front of the house. Some time last year when a storm was blowing up, a few ridge tiles came off the Landlords roof and inevitably, went straight through his windscreen and caused severe damage to the body work of the car. I understand he obtained the Landlords public liability details and submitted them to his own car insurers so as they could persue them for reimbursement. This year at renewal date he was presented with a vastly increased premium as a result of the claim he made for windscreen replacement and body damage repair. I seem to think this is not right, I am told that one or other of the insurers has deemed it, yes that old chestnut, as an act of God, his landlord says that he has had no contact from his insurers, so it looks as though my son's insurer at the time did not even contact them. Do you think he has a case for asking the insurance company to delete this claim from the database. He tells me that his premium has risen from about £250, to just over £1000 a year as a result.



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Insurance companies do that when they don't want the business anymore. Tell him to hit the comparison sites.

Unless the landlord has failed to maintain his property or was negligent in carrying out he should have been aware of, then it is considered a 'no fault' act of god and your own insurance pays up, affecting future premiums

no, he does not.  He made a claim, therefore it's unreasonable to expect the ins co to delete it

It's the claim rather than who's at fault that triggers the loss of NCB.

Go find an insurer who wants his business. (Maybe a dad that vouches/countersigns may get him a reduction.)

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Car Insurace Ncb

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