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Aviva Car Insurance

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mikey4444 | 09:41 Wed 10th Aug 2016 | Insurance
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When I took out car insurance in August 2015, the annual cost was £398.

When my renewal came last week, it was £698 !

So I got on the 'phone this morning and miraculously a nice Aviva man was able to bring that down to £430.

Who would have believed it !


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£430? crikey, what are you driving? I'd get on the comparison sites mikey, I have a 6 litre V12 Beamer and that is less than £300! Remember, in insurance you have to look round every renewal, loyalty is punished, not rewarded. They tried it on with my Bike renewal this year, soon kicked that into touch.
That is still a stonking amount!
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Unfortunately, I need full business insurance.
I have full business cover and pay considerably less than your premium.

I'd shop around if I were you.
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Yu have all driven me to find cheaper insurance, and I did just that found the same cover for £308 !

Thanks to everybody to "encouraging" me !
did seem a bit steep me old china, even with business cover. Just think they would have charged you £698 if you'd let them. Remember loyalty is punished you must hit the comparison sites every year. Now, when's the house insurance due....?
Mikey, never take your Insurance Comp Quotes as final, the days for me & my Wife's Loyalty with car Insurance has well gone, always search around it may be a pain in the rs to do the search but in the end you will save a lot of £££££££££££££, We have for the same cover.
I just save all my searches and it's a few clicks, then the one that wins usually phones me! sorted!
If its Aviva have a look here - or indeed any company

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Aviva Car Insurance

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