The National Readership Survey (NRS)

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Jay70 | 14:16 Wed 16th Mar 2005 | How it Works
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I was just wondering if anyone else has had someone come round to there house request them to participate in a market research for the NRS.  It seems from the leaflet I got and also after looking at their web page they are a non profit making company.  They want to no info about what you read listen to and watch on tv.

I didn't take part as I can't I'm a bit sceptical as why they would do it for nothing. The people who advertise products will make money and the publishers obviosly make money from them so if none of this is turned into profit for the NRS why do they bother (just for fun maybe - me thinks not).  Also I was also concerned at being inundated with more junk mail.  Also when I have taken part in a market re-search before, you get some money for your time so whats in it for me.  This day and age what ever you do seems to cost you so why should you be expected to do this for nothing (excluding charity work of course).  Just wondered if anyone else knew anymore about them and if they felt like me or am I just becoming a misserable old so and so as my wife tells me. :-).


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A non-profit organisation does not mean that they do not get paid. The old saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch applies!
Non-profit organisations simply charge to cover their costs which could well mean exorbiotant salaries for their employees, in other words all that they earn goes in wages overheads and expenses.

I do not know about this NRS body but have been approached and asked to keep records of my radio listening by a similar body. Most of these organisations are genuine and can easily be checked out before you offer to complete their surveys.

I am always suspicious when asked to provide personal information about , for example, insurance expiry dates, dater of birth and other items which appear irrelevant to the survey. being done.

Hope this helps
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Thank yu for your reply issy

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The National Readership Survey (NRS)

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