easylife multi function halogen oven

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encee | 16:29 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | How it Works
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does anyone understand the recipe book which comes with this item eg page 9 recipe states place wire rack into wok of roaster etc cool in pan.remove from pan
lots of spelling mistakes in the book itself.
nobody to ask advice just a call centre who were of no help at all.


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Hi. Ive only just seen your post and I know what you mean, but sorry im not going to be much help. I bought one of these about 6 weeks ago, and found the receipes a bit unscrutable. What we would call a glass bowl, they call a wok.
Written by a china man who thinks he can speak english.
I dont think Ill be trying Page 11 receipe for bacon and eggs. Bake the eggs (still in shells) for 6 mins !!!!!
I havent tried to bake cakes, but I would do it as if it was in a normal oven but for a shorter time.
Put one of the wire rack in the bottom of the glass bowl and place the cake in a baking tin onto it. When its cooked, take off the halogen lid, let the cake cool, lift it out of the glass bowl, remove cake from baking tin and put onto a cooling rack.. Just as you would normally do.
Ive used it mainly for roasting chicken portions and vegatables, and I like it so far.
Im going to start experimenting soon. I think its going to be trial and error.
Im a bit concerned with how to replace the halogen bulb if and when it goes.
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thanks for your reply glad i am not reading it wrong.hadnt thought of changing the bulb.something else to think about eh.
i came to the conclusion that basically that this machine is basically just a small oven come grill and cooks a tadge quicker that the normal size i have to just get use to doing as i would do in large oven but shorten the time.but i did nearly try the bacon and eggs.god only knows what would have happened.
Do you mean to say you actually got a recipe book?
All I got was a 4 page leaflet with 2 recipes and inadequate instructions on how to use it!

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easylife multi function halogen oven

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