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removing plaster cast

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Toureman | 14:54 Sat 11th Oct 2008 | How it Works
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how does the circular saw used to remove plaster casts work? I know it is powered by electricity but how does it just cut the plaster and not cut into flesh?

Any doctors on here?


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The blade reciprocates very rapidly and it is brilliant at carving through solids, but where there is "give", such as flesh or Tubegauz then it just tickles - but never press too hard!
as toureman says , it reciprocates/vibrates, doesnt actually revolve
plus its not actually a saw/blade. - when i had mine taken off i was i bit scared till the plaster tech person turned the thing on and put it against her arm to show me it wouldn't hurt
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Thanks SOD and the other 2.

I didn't actually answer my own question though chas :-)

It felt just like a sawblade when I felt it Bednobs.

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removing plaster cast

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