X factor contestants; do they get paid?

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Le Chat | 12:09 Thu 22nd Nov 2007 | How it Works
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The X Factor contestants are essentially 'off work' for 3 months in order to be on the show. Do they get paid by the 'X Factor' show? How would they work out payment. There could be a high earner on there, with a large mortgage and a family to feed...would they get more than a single person living at home with parents? How does it work?


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I hope not lol
No hopers the lot of 'em lol
It's a bit like Big Brother, in that you will need to be able to support yourself financially for the term of the show.
Let's face it, the people are on there to make a name for themselves and become rich by being a pop star / performer.
After x factor most of them will strugglr to earn 50 quid singing down the british legion

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X factor contestants; do they get paid?

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