freeview set top boxes?

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6758 | 11:31 Thu 22nd Nov 2007 | How it Works
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Am a bit dopey with these things and was thinking about getting my sons one for christmas....

But can any one tell me if you need a proper tv aeriel for a set top box or do they work if you just plug them into the tv?


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You will need a digital aerial.
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thanks football 21...... hope they're not too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!

A digital aerial?

They work better if you plug a proper TV aerial on your roof into one but it depends on the quality of the freeview signal in your area. If it's very strong, you may be ok with just a normal portabe aerial.
U dont necessarily need a digital aerial, mine just works off a normal aerial
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how do you find out the strenght of the signal? I am totally green;-)
You plug the ariel into the freeview box and you connect the freeview box to your TV. You probably need a scart lead to do the box to TV connection.
You can check the freeview coverage for a particular place here:
Have a look on of useful info there.
Beore spending your cash on a digital set top box, check here with your postcode first to see if you can receive Freeview in your area.

Freeview works best when received via a rooftop or loft mounted aerial.
Don't worry too much about whether the website says you have coverage or not.

My parents live in an area that according to freeview, has no coverage. I live in a town that does have coverage yet they can get more channels and a better reception than I can!
Can I suggest you borrow one of someone to try first.
Yes that's a good suggestion from Postdog, I forgot to mention that my parents knew prior to buying a box that they would get the signal as I took my box up for them to test first!
Transmitters send out the signal in three different bands ,a,b,and cd.On analogue you needed a aerial which matched the transmitter output,but with digital the transmitter that you will be receiving from uses all three bands ,so you will really need a wide band aerial (called log periodic in the trade).I got mine from Focus for �8.99.
Regarding aerials, I am still using the one installed by my dad in the roof in the early sixties, watching digital, and getting a perfect picture. In fac t the analogue one is crappy by comparison.
hi,as other people have pointed out ,take a box to the location and try.
digital signals are not transmitted on different band groups and log periodics are used for rejecting sideways noise impulses.they are worse at forward idealy an aerial with a digital balun should be used.
or like most people an old normal aerial works well enough.

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