Condensing Tumble Dryer

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brain1 | 10:15 Mon 08th Oct 2007 | How it Works
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How does it work


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By using massive amounts of cold water.

The steam produced is passed over coils of constantly running cold water, condenses into water which is run away.

A massive veryunfriendly waste of water.

Not sure of exact figures but each dryer load uses hundreds of gallons.
Wet air fed through condenser - water falls out to collector - clothes come out dry. Buy a good quality one and no issues with steamy windows etc. Need to empty the water collector every few goes.

Doc Spock - Does not need any water plumbing in!

Used one for 4 years now without any problems - buy and enjoy...
i havent got a clue what spock is on about either !
i have one too and have no problems.
The condensers are usually air-cooled. When the steam condenses it gives up its latent heat of vaporisation and heats up the incoming air. This reduces condensation in the room and saves electrical energy.
Condenser tumble dryers differ from the usual vented ones in that they don't need to have a vent/hose going from the back of the machine to the outlet in your wall to take the steam out of your house.
This is handy because it means you can position the dryer anywhere you want.
The water from the drying process is collected in a tank which can be emptied when it fills up.There's quite a bit of info about this type of tumble dryer at

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Condensing Tumble Dryer

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