uses of apple cider vinegar other than for eating

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Llisa | 13:56 Mon 23rd Jul 2007 | How it Works
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Can you clean/use apple cider vinegar the same ways as w/white vinegar-if so how


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It is not as concentrated as distilled vinegar - so its cleaning / limescale removing / degreasing properties will not be as good.

Secondly, the distilling process removes many of the aromatic compounds (as well as the colour) - so that distilled ('white' or clear) vinegar does not smell or taint as much as brewed-only vinegars (malt / wine / cider / rice wine vinegars etc.)

NBC has the colour but less of the smell of natural vinegars, but is still less concentrated than distilled vinegar.
(NBC = Non Brewed Condiment - ie the cheap 'vinegar' beloved of chippies throughout this isle, that is made by diluting industrial etahnoic acid and colouring it with caramel or an artificial colouring.)

'Natural' vinegars are made by acetifying an alcoholic brew using a natural bacterial process, eg.:-
wine vinegars from wine
cider vinegars from cider
malt vinegar from a fermented malt liqour - ie. beer

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uses of apple cider vinegar other than for eating

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