'favourite' rubbish products

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helpmetoo | 15:43 Mon 23rd Jul 2007 | How it Works
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heres two suggestions....
flymo....definitely doesnt do what it says on the tin,
rubbish at flying
rubbish at mowing!

tracing paper toilet roll,
what was that all about? bronco and izal...
the most poorly designed product for the purpose i can think of....?


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Andrews Health Salts plastic container with spoon built in to lid. The spoon is too wide and too short for the size and shape of the container.

Gillette 5-blade razor that's too big to move - it's so big that they have to provide an extra single blade so that you can actually shave with it.

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Toothpaste pumps.
You keep having to stick your finger up the bottom - if you know what I mean.
Wash basins at motorway service stations that have one tap of scalding hot water that only runs when it is being pushed, and no plug to fill the basin.

Just how are you supposed to clean your hands hygienically without getting water everywhere?
How about those supermarket trollies that lock their wheels, how am I supposed to steal them to take my shopping home?
kitchen gadgets, autochop that takes to long to clean, a thing for spiral tomatoes(Why?) a microwave omelette maker and a burger press....roll on next car boot.
No More Nails - sticks to nothing at all.

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'favourite' rubbish products

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