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PIR Light

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muncy | 13:33 Fri 29th Dec 2006 | How it Works
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I have decided to replace my porch light with one that has a movement sensor on so it comes on automatically. The old one is just a straightforward light that is controlled by a switch in the hall. I took off the old one and put on the new one but it didn't work. I tried adjusting the time and distance settings and replaced the bulb all to no avail. I got an elecric meter and tested the connecting and there was 244volts going into the light so I thought the light must be faulty. However, when I put a plug on the light and plug it into the mains it works fine.

I'm stuck. The PIR light works when plugged direct into the mains. An ordinary light works ok when wired up outside. But the PIR light doesn't work when I wire it up outside.

Any ideas?


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The PIR lights I have need to be supplied with the correct wattage bulbs, in my case 60 watt, otherwise the unit won't work properly. Also, the sensitivity can be adjusted so it won't come on if say, a large leaf blows by in the wind.
Check your documentation that came with the unit.
Hope this helps.
The alternative, of course, is that the detector is faulty.
Hope this doesn't sound silly but have you tried it in the dark ?
You say you have adjusted the time, and sensitivity so that a leaf blowing by won't set it off but most only switch on at night.
Every mains PIR I've ever seen has two screwdriver adjustable controls - one for the sensitivity of the sensor to movement, the other for the sensitivity to light. Has yours got these and (if so) have you tried twiddled the second control around so it comes on even in broad light? This is how you set them up (without waiting for it to get dark).
Try covering the sensor to imitate the dark!!
this might be to obvious but when you connect to the old wireing,did you put the switch on
If you bought it from B&Q its probably faulty!! I bought 2 different systems from them on the same day neither of them worked, I had to replace one system twice in a week.

Both were PIR systems
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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to answer. I'm still a bit stumped. It could be that it is faulty but I don't understand why it works when I plug it in inside. Anyway, I've fitted it now so I'll wait to see if it comes on when it gets dark!
I don't know if they are related buy my problem may be similar.
I fitted a PIR light. It came on fine in daylight and continued to work in the dark and on into daylight so I followed the instructions and at dusk switched the lux dial to its lowest setting with the intention of advancing it until the light came on. Unfortunately when set to its lowest the light remains on so I can't adjust it to come on only when it gets dark. Hope I'm getting this across right people. Perhaps I am missing something here and would welcome any advise you might offer.
Newbie here.

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PIR Light

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