whats ah mean

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manutdstott | 11:48 Tue 17th Jan 2006 | How it Works
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what are the best rechargable aaa batteries available for my green laser pointer,, and what does ah mean on the pack ie is 900ah better than 600ah im confused with all the different ones i want to male sure if im goint to spend an extra couple of quid i buy the right/best batteries many thanx.


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sorry think i mean mAh

mAh = milliAmperehour. the power consumption rating of an electronic device, or the storage capability of a device like an NiMH or Nicad rechargeable battery.

The higher the figure, the more charge the battery will hold (i.e. it'll last longer between charges).

NiMH = Nickel metalhydride

NiCad = Nickel Cadmium

NiMH are generally better as I believe that they do not have a "memory". i.e they can remain partially charged/recharged for long periods without reducing their original storage capacity (mAH).

Just remember that what you think is a 1.5 volt battery is only 1.2 volts if it's rechargeable, so some pieces of equipment won't work properly with rechargeables no matter what the amperage is.
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alll good answers thank you

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whats ah mean

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