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Karcher Window Cleaner

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JinnyJoan | 16:00 Fri 10th May 2024 | How it Works
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Haven't used the above for quite a while so wasn't working.  I charged it up and usually a wee light comes up ie red, then green when fully charged.  No nothing.  My neighbour has a similar one but no battery charger for hers so she tried mine and it works for her.

Mine looks in great condition and I haven't given it much use - what could I look for now that I know the battery/plug is working.  Thanks




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Have you left it plugged in for a while or did you just plug it in and unplug it when you saw there was no light?

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it is over in my neighbour but I do think I left it on for an hour or so and nothing happened 

Does yours have a removable battery?

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I don't know Barry - where is it and I will go over and have a wee look.

If yours had one you would know.  It seems the battery has failed - you could replace it but it would probably cost as much as new one if you have to pay somebody to do it for you

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i have just got it back there - I think the battery is the actual plug - the same as my Ipad.   

The Karcher ones are very expensive but admit when I last done windows very large ones between living room and dining room like later on in the day I could see streaks so don't know whether I would buy another one.  but thanks for your help

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thank you to Bookbinder re that information.  I havent used the cleaner for months and when I fancied using it today I noticed water in the container so I emptied it and thought I could go on - however on reading your link I think the water has damaged the heap but it's great to get that from you.  thanks again

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