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What Mistakes Did I Make When Writing A Dreamy Letter?

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RRRaggatt | 23:43 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | How it Works
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Greetings, my fellow Brits.
I am from the hills near the Georgian lands.
In October 2022, when I turned 21, I took out a box with symbols of my youth that gave me joy. I felt that the plot of my life had been dark for many years. And I thought that many of my ideas about the future were incomprehensible.
I borrowed one of these symbols from my late father, who had great sympathy for Great Britain.
Here are images of the postmark that he kept:
My father always cherished the image of the country, which was best combined with the well-being that favored human nature.
In those days, I decided that if, in fact, I was still a loser, then it would be better for me to express my ambition in order to dispose of such a joyful symbol in some original way.
I decided that I would send a postcard to the city of production to some worthy person.
After painstakingly exploring the town of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire, my choice fell on the rector of All Saints Parish, Mark Amey, because this building seemed to me to be the most soulful attraction.
Here are images of the letter:
Does my letter somehow discredit the British spirit? Do you think he kept this letter, or at least the postcard with the British flag? Why didn't he reply to the email address I left in the letter?
Didn't he feel that I would really like to become his pen pal?



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I miss landF/AndrewVanDeKamp
23:55 Sat 20th Apr 2024

I miss landF/AndrewVanDeKamp

I found the top half of the second image too difficult to read -  a printed copy would have been useful.

As to why he ignored it, it's difficult to say. He possibly gets lots of unsolicited letters and may find it impossible to answer them all so has to do some eliminating. And he may be too busy to contemplate taking on board any pen-pals (in this country it is mainly a childhood occupation I believe, although some stalwarts do continue into adulthood.

He may also not appreciate aesthetic aspects of architecture in the way that you do, so would find it difficult to converse in the same style.

Obviously this is all conjecture on my part, only he can really answer your question, and that isn't going to happen. 

Question Author

Thanks a lot for response.
I deeply regret, that i will never ask him personally.

Perhaps he uses Fluther or Answerbank so would have recognised who you were and decided not to jorher

You made no mistake. He didnt want to reply.

I write to men who have letters published in the Times ( usually to tell them they are wrong) . Some reply to say they were right. Others dont. This week it was , how to win University Challenge. He was  wrong: swotting 30 000 cards is NOT the way to win, even tho it worked for one man called Brandon.

The other author thought that one of the old ( 1980s) scandals at Middlesbrough had led to prison sentences for innocent parents. It didnt. Itold him to check his facts

Your one, Revd Mark Amey just didnt want to reply

If someone does not reply to your letter, assuming that person is still alive, it is because he does not want to reply to your letter. 

There is no point in looking for any further explanation.  

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What Mistakes Did I Make When Writing A Dreamy Letter?

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