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How Does This Work Then?

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ladybirder | 13:15 Thu 28th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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Label on the box of 28 tablets from my doctor reads, "Take 6 tablets as a single dose once daily for 5 days."  🤔




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Just take five on the last few days. Did the doc actually prescribe 30? Are there two pills lurking about somewhere?

You should have been given two more tablets. I had a similar situation and the pharmacist worked out how many tablets I would need for the complete course then gave me N boxes plus the extras.

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Afraid there aren't Ginge, thank you.  I don't see the prescription, it goes from the surgery to Chemist4U, then I receive the goods by post.



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Did your pharmacist take that decision without needing to consult your doctor bhg?


LB - yes. It was a complicated prescription for steroids. 8 a day for 14 days then 6 a day for 14 days, 5 a day etc ..... down to 1 a day for 14 days together for a stomach-lining tablet at 1 a day for the whole 2 months. She worked out the total number of steroid tablets required, divided by 28 (per box) and gave me the appropriate number of boxes plus the remainder still in their foil. The same for the stomach-liners.

By post...are you sure two tiny pills aren't in the bag/envelope...easy to miss.

This is a reason that we've avoided using remote by-post pharmacies - if there is a problem with a script, our local pharmacist simply rings the health centre for clarification.

Probably doesn't help that some pills come in boxes of 28 and some in 30.

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Thanks bhg.

Ginge I've just tried to ring the surgery to clarify a couple of things ew the above.  The usual happened, ie I was informed that I was number 17 in the queue, so I'm off for a lie down instead!

It probably simplified things in my case because the tablets were in foil in packets, so she was able to cut the foil and give me the exactly the right number.

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Mine are in a foil tray so also easily cut bhg. Hmmmm1

They do make life complicated. Here we get the pills in their regular box. The pharmacist writes the instruction on the box. Any left over can be returned to the chemist

bhg, they often do tapering doses with steroids because they say stopping abruptly after the last dose may cause some upset. I've been on one that was 12 a day, but the last three days were 8, then 4, then 2.

^exactly the same here calmck..but sometimes you get an awkward number that equates to a full box and some extra.

jno - yes, the doctor explained exactly why I was given a tapering dose. Not such a sharp finish as yours though; just a fortnight at full dose and then tapering by one tablet a day for another fortnight etc, so really weaning me off slowly. I suppose all doctors have their own way of doing things.

Ours are prescribed by the box and can be prescribed for up to a year for long term meds. You can by all at once or how you like, monthly  2 at a time or what suits you. Prescription sent to you by email or text and to NHS equivalent. You show message that has access code on it to chemist they give you the meds

I was only on them for a week, bhg, so I possibly didn't need so much weaning.

I was on Prednisolone for almost 8 months last year for PMR, like you gradually reducing by one pill every so many weeks.
I was just given a bag with so many packs of 28 foiled pills, some 5mg in the beginning, then later on some 1mg so I could taper of the dosage as well as the number of pills.
The GP just ordered more when I was getting low.

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That's the tablets I'm talking about ferlew.

You're not in England are you Calm?

No in Portugal. All meds on official prescriptions at discounted price  with the cost indicated on the prescription. I pay 45 euros for 7 different meds that cost 235 euros without prescription

If you are registered at a particular pharmacy they will give one emergency box of any of your meds if you run out. You pay full price and get reimbursed when you submit the prescription

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Wow.  xx

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