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Maths Is Not My Strong Point - Tins Of Chocolates, Cost Of

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barry1010 | 10:30 Wed 06th Dec 2023 | How it Works
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Every year we moan that tins/tubs of Roses, Quality St etc are getting smaller but cost more.  I have never really believed this because I remember when these tins were an expensive luxury very much looked forward to. 

This report states in 2009 a 1200g tin of chockies cost £10.  Today a 600g costs £5.   The cogs have whirred and I conclude that the chocolates cost the same today as they did in 2009.  (I have seen these 600g tubs for sale for £4.50 each and buy two for £8, so even cheaper).

Am I right, or have I gone missed something?



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1200g for £10 = 0.83p per gramme

600g for £5 = 0.83p per gramme

600g for £4.50 = 0.75p per gramme

1200g for £8 = 0.66p per gramme

a lot of this bigger in the past stuff is myth.

clearly they were bigger in the past according to barry's report  - 1200g compared to 600g

yes but no more expensive per gramme today and in fact cheaper if you buy 2x600g

Question Author

Thanks for clarifying and of course £10 was worth a lot more in 2009

Not the answer but they are horrible. Roses and Quality Street. Tried about 6 sweets from each tub then threw them out

There seems to be more toffees now than there used to be.

You pay the same price for the same weight but it's not the quality it was.

Question Author

I know my taste buds are not what they were

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Maths Is Not My Strong Point - Tins Of Chocolates, Cost Of

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