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Thisoldbird | 11:39 Fri 18th Aug 2023 | How it Works
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Anyone here used it.

What are your experiences

I've got a customer for a large item, paid a holding fee but messing me about to collect and pay the rest.

I'm 100% sure he has told me lies.

If I relist the item and get a buyer do I have to return the holding fee. He isnt local.


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If I were you I would message him that if the item is not paid for and collected within one week you are refunding his holding fee and relisting it.
You would be within your rights to withhold the deposit - that's the point of taking it - but who needs the stress?
Every time I've bought and sold something on FB Marketplace, I've never left or taken a deposit. It's always been 100% cash paid on collection .... that way, there's no risk of being scammed etc. The only risk is if they don't turn up, then you have the slight inconvenience of having to relist it. Most times though, there will be several people interested and I'll simply let the second person in the queue know that someone is meant to be collecting it and if they don't turn up, you'll let them know :)
There are a lot of time wasters and scammers on marketplace. People who offer you half of what you are asking for, or try the old scam of offering to send the money with a courier etc. I prefer ebay because at least you have some comeback.
Wednesday's Money Mail had a three-page spread about social media scams...and Facebook loomed large. Not something I'd want to use, tbh.
I've used FB Marketplace to see big furniture, cash on collection. I wouldn't sell high spec smartphones, iPads or anything like that, nor would I advertise expensive jewellery or watches. You just need to be sensible.
I would refund the fee and relist.
How did he pay this fee?
Question Author
John he paid cash. I had said he could pay by bank transfer but he went to nearest cash point leaving his wife with me.
He is supposed to be coming to collect and pay today.
If he doesn't, I do have another customer to view on Monday. I will tell him so should he delay again.

Thanks everyone.

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