Help! Baumatic Bt6. 3Gl Cooker Hood

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barry1010 | 14:13 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | How it Works
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I am replacing the motor and I have nearly finished except for the important bit. I need to connect the two wires from the motor to the PCB but I can't see where they should go.
I did take a photo of old motor in place but that doesn't help.

Very long shot but can anyone find the relevant wiring diagram because I can't


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Thanks, Danny, I already have that info but it doesn't show the relevant wiring diagram
Google ---Cooker hood wiring diagrams----click on images at top of screen. Don't know whether yours is here but might be worth a look?
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Thanks again, Danny. The cooker hood has been installed for years, the info I need is to connect the replacement motor. I got the old one out, put the new one in but have no idea where the two plastic clicky connectors go on the board. If I knew it would take 10 seconds
Barry, it might be easier if you contact Baumatic for advice.
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I expect you are right, Danny, but I have a feeling they'll tell me to get a qualified electrician
Can you put photos on - might help somebody to help you.

Use a image hosting site eg.
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Hoping this is a cooker hood expert on AnswerBank - you never know!

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Help! Baumatic Bt6. 3Gl Cooker Hood

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