Is This The Eiffel Tower?

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wolf63 | 18:59 Wed 24th Nov 2021 | How it Works
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I have this photograph that I presumed was of the Eiffel Tower, but I am not at all sure.



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It certainly is!
I doubt it. The Eiffel Tower has an open base, whereas Blackpool Tower's base is enclosed in a building, so it looks like Blackpool Tower to me.
my first thought was blackpool tower but now I seen some pics of eiffel tower I thinks its more like that
I would say, yes it is. Just never seen it from that angle before.
It could be
My money goes on the Eiffel Tower.
it could have been the Wembley Tower but the money ran out
Doh! Wrong again!
It never got that high though before it stopped jno and were demolished
Question Author
I planned to sell it with the Eiffel tower leaflet

I will write that 'also included is a photograph of the Eiffel Tower - I think'

Thanks to all of you ☺
I know, bobb. I coulda seen it from my house if they'd gone ahead with it. I don't know that there would have been much to see from the top, though, Wembley was mostly fields in those days.

It would have been useful for pilots, though. As far as I know, they still use the stadium and the O2 as landmarks when they're in a holding pattern over London.
Have a play with Google Street View - its Eiffel.
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Is This The Eiffel Tower?

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