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barry1010 | 15:04 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | How it Works
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I have been hearing a Petter engine all day and can't work out what it is being used for. Not complaining, I find it relaxing.
Can't hear any building noises so wonder if anyone can suggest what it could be powering.


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Do you live near fields which might want irrigating?
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That could be it, although I've lived here 30 years and not heard it before. It could be the very large crematorium grounds.
Many pats of the country have experienced flooding over the past day or two. If you live in such an area, perhaps the engine is being used, for example, to pump water out of a basement?
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No flooding here, Bueno - haven't seen any rain for weeks although it is expected overnight
hi barry have a question you answered for me on mylast post if nemanoz means no knifes theperson caling me no knife in croatia If i do somethng crazy i here someonesaying to m you nema noz Idont know croatan so if iam getting called nema noz whatis theperson saying tome
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No idea, jwatts

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Petter Engine

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