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What Are These Clip Things Called?

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joggerjayne | 22:27 Tue 11th May 2021 | How it Works
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Does anyone know what these things are called? I will try to describe them.

You see them on trucks.
They hold down the tarpaulin covers.
They stick out. The tarpaulin has holes in with metal rings.
You put the rings over these sticky out things.
Then you pull them upwards, and they sort of drop down, and lock into place, so that they secure the tarpaulin against the side of the truck.

I've also seen them securing the back of a pick up truck.
You put the back bit up, and the holes in the back bit go over these sticky out things.
Then you lift them up, and they drop down and lock into place, to keep the back of the truck from falling open.

I want some of these things, to secure a tarpaulin at home. But I don't know what they are called (or even if they have a name).
Any ideas??


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Well my mum is getting on in years, and she said suspenders.
21:28 Wed 12th May 2021
Tarpaulin clips?
Curtainside ratchet tensioner
Google tarp cover clips.

Hi JJ, hope you're behaving yourself.
ratchet tie down straps on amazon
I think I know what you are talking about, jj. A bit old fashioned now but they have been around for years. Dunno what their proper name is though.
Just google ---tarpaulin clips.
Question Author
I appreciate all your input, guys. Thank you xx

Maybe the plastic clips that come up on searches are actually a better solution than the things I was trying to find.
I hope that your question has already been answered above, Joggerjayne. I'm just popping in here to say 'Welcome back!'

We've missed you over the past 7 months. Surely you can't have been sulking all that time just because you couldn't get a drink in the Lion and Lobster (or wherever your favourite watering hole is in Brighton)?

Hi Jayne. Lovely to read you. :o)
Question Author
Oh, hey, Chris x

You know I don't do sulks. And you get a smack on the wrist for saying the L and L in Brighton. You know it's in Hove, actually. They are quite particular about that, lol

It's been okay here, really. The hot weather over th past week has helped. I had a sneaky lunch with a pal today at the Olice Grove in the Lanes. It's Mediterranean tapas. V nice. Then we shared a bottle at the Black Lion. Everyone is very upbeat. It will obviously be lovely next week, to be able to sit inside places.

Oh hey, so following the last now from these guys, I've actually found those clips. They seem to be called Anti-Luce Clips. I mean, seriously?? It's no wonder they are hard to find.

J x
Question Author
Hey, Naomi x
If anyone has a loose auntie I'm in the market...
Is this what you are looking for? User Recommendation
What a lovely blast from the past, always nice seeing jogger Jayne xx
Question Author
bhg ... yes!! x
Question Author
Oh, hey, Bobbi x
Well my mum is getting on in years, and she said suspenders.
Question Author
teacake's mum - best answer, definitely.

I wish that they WERE called suspenders. That is definitely what I am going to call them (once I have some).

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What Are These Clip Things Called?

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