Super Soft/ Extra Cushy Electric Blanket

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joko | 17:10 Thu 06th May 2021 | How it Works
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Im looking for a super soft cushioned electric blanket - do these exist?

all ive ever had and seen have been stiff fabric with noticable wires going through it.

issue is, i have a a few conditions and i need more comfort in my bed, i have 2 memory foam toppers with the EB underneath the very thin one - but it kind of defeats the purpose of the mem foam, and its not comfortable - but the blanket is very comforting, the warmth etc

its the type that you could leave it on all night on low if you wanted, but i dont

i could potentially just remove it when i got to sleep, but i dont want to have to do that all the time, its large and itd be annoying i think

is there such a thing as an EB that works properly under a mem foam mattress?

im not sure what to do

i have a heated over blanket, which i rarely use, but i want the heat under me, on the mattress.

any ideas?



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I just have mine under the mattress protector...even on the lower setting, it's plenty warm. I leave it on all night.
I like the idea of a heated mattress protector though.
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thanks buen. ill check those out

im thinking whatever i use will defeat the purpose of having a memory foam mattress, so perhaps i need to use a small 'me sized' throw type one, underneath me while im awake etc, then kick it out of the bed when i go to sleep - which is a pain in the ***, but might be the only way.
I've never thought that an electric underlanket and memory foam go together (because memory foam is affected by heat)...and this seems to agree.
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ive used mine together for ages and its totally fine, but some blankets are specifically compatible
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but the issue is exactly why im asking this question - you dont get the benefit of the mem foam with a electric blanket
I don't understand how you can machine wash and tumble dry an electric mattress protector.
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tilly you can with many electric blankets.
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Just don't plug it in when it's wet.

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Super Soft/ Extra Cushy Electric Blanket

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