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Stopping Emails Going Into Recipients Junk Mailbox.

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saintpeter48 | 13:25 Tue 05th Jan 2021 | How it Works
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My grandaughter has just asked me this, any help much appreciated.
''Techy folk - does anyone have any idea how I can stop an email automatically going into a recipient's Junk mailbox?''
''I've got a new business email address and I've just sent a few test emails to myself and my partner's email, but they're instantly going to Junk''.


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what domain is she using?
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I've just messaged her to find out.
only the recipient can define an email as "not junk" so when they receive it get them to go to the junk folder and mark it as not junk. That wont help when you send it to the masses though
Email can automatically go to the spam folder if it contains trigger words such as 'penis enlargement' or 'bizz opportunities' or the sender has been reported as spam before by other people.
You also need to make you emails appear to not be spam, hard I know when they probably are spam! anyway, see here:

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Stopping Emails Going Into Recipients Junk Mailbox.

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