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Sudden Massive Noise From The Washing Machine

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patrickstar | 14:15 Sun 13th Dec 2020 | How it Works
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During the spin cycle of the washing, the washing machine (8 years old) made a massive noise and continued make a loud rumble until I got to it to turn off. The drum inside seems very loose. Would it be the bearings? Time for a new machine maybe?


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Sometimes due to an over load of washing, load unbalanced.
Mine does that sometimes and it's just that the machine is off balance. Try wedging something under one side at the front
mine is not that old but does it sometimes when its been overloaded.
Also check that the feet on the bottom of the washer are level, and the washer is not rocking from side to side.
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Machine just had a bottom bed sheet and four pillow cases in it was not overloaded and the machine is stable. The noise it made literally made us jump from our seats in the other room.
Try a short wash with an empty machine; if there's any rumbling you have a problem.
Have you checked the filter?
Question Author
Ummmm, filter is clear.
bhg481, the noise it made and the loudness of it makes me nervous about testing it on an empty short wash.
Mine does it now and then. Seems to be no reason for it. It's like they have an occasional temper tantrum.
Could be the bearings or the shock absorber could have detached.
it doesn't have to be overloaded for the machine to unbalance. i find that fitted bottom sheets are better with a fuller load, in a half empty machine they tend to scoop up all the smaller items inside them and you end up with a heavy ball that will never balance in the machine
Has the fixing or nut holding the drum shaft come loose.
It could also be the bearings.
It could be something has got through the holes in the drum and banging around between drum and stator (the part that the drum is in.
I had an allen key get through once and it smasshed a hole in the stator and caused a massive leak.
Get a man in from the maker/company to estimate to fix it. Leave it and you will burn the house down. If the cost of the repair is one third of the original purchase price get rid of the machine pronto. A new one will save water bills and heating bills they are MUCH better new these days.

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Sudden Massive Noise From The Washing Machine

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