Damsel In Distress..he Your Question Title Heredamse

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Thisoldbird | 13:47 Sun 18th Oct 2020 | How it Works
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Hi, I need new batteries for my mobility scooter.. hopefully Lucas batteries that served me well on a previous scooter.

2 x 45 ah. Typing it into Google comes up with 'gel' batteries.

There seems 2 types Gel and lead?

Anyone advise me on the best type to buy please.

Many thanks


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How about this one?
14:38 Sun 18th Oct 2020
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Sorry I muddle the title..good lady fat finger slow brain syndrome
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Ok I give up..shoukd read 'old lady- ..
What's the make and model of your scooter?
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Invacare Orion.
Never heard of gel batteries, but reading the link given there was a bit that jumoed out at me - about requirng less voltage to charge.

So if you went for that option would they be compatible with your chrger (if its a separate charger) or the built in charger.
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Thank you everyone.

Bookbinder I'm going to ring the link tomorrow that you kindly researched for me.

Tuvok I hadn't thought about being compatible with my charger.

Thank you it's something to ask when I cal them tomorrow.

I hope that we've all been able to be of some help to you.

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Damsel In Distress..he Your Question Title Heredamse

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