Storage Heater not working, Fuse replacement option?

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fieldivision | 10:37 Tue 22nd Nov 2005 | How it Works
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My storage heater has stopped working and was wondering is there a fuse inside the heater itself which I can change..I dont have much knowledge of these heaters,I did change the wall socket incase it was that, but still it doesnt work, fuse on the socket has been changed also. Before it broke-down I had both input and output set to 6, Also are these heaters easy enough to work on? Thanks for your time guys..


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No they don't have fuses inside so it must be an internal fault of some kind. I don't know if some models have a fusible link which ''opens'' when it gets too hot , if so this would need to be replaced as they cannot be reset.
They are relatively simple to work on IF you have electrical equipement troubleshooting experience and can trace out the control thermostats and the heater circuits etc.... without a wiring diagram/schematic. otherwise best to get someone in to it.
Always unplug from mains before attempting to replace fuses. Some electrical/electronic devices can hold a charge (shock) long after the power source is removed. When in doubt or uncertain of any potential risk obtain professional help. Learning the hard way can be fatal!

i cant believe these two above have missed the most likely answer!!

you say you have changed the socket that it plugs into. storage heaters work throughout the night by means of an off peak mains system. this basically means that the socket becomes live throughout the night.

Check the fuse at the fuseboard. it will either be on its own fuseboard marked "off peak" or could be part of a dual fuseboard, which will have an off peak side.

normally they are peotected by a 16/ 20 amp fuse so that should point you in the right direction

good luck and if in any doubt consult a qualified sparky!

My storage heater also doesnt work properly. I had been misinformed about electricity rates and so didnt have cheap rate electricity. the preivious flat owner clearly never used the heater either (most of the electric/water etc in the flat idnt work when I bought it).
once i had cheap electricity installed, my heater still didnt work. apparently the 'link ' is missing which seems to be a connection between two small points at the top of the heater if you dissamble it.
Is this the same as a fuse link? I have seen some of these online but not sure if its the right thing to buy! AI have the model number of the heater, but not sure if these links are universal or specific to the heater.
There is whats called a thermal link fuse which blows if the unit overheats, normally located by the heat regulator, ELECTRIC off and replace, jobs a Good'un

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Storage Heater not working, Fuse replacement option?

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