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Dbs Check Needed To Employ A Child?

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hc4361 | 11:18 Sat 04th May 2019 | How it Works
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If an adult does any work (paid or voluntary) that involves contact with children he (or she) must have a Disclosure and Barring Service check,

My question is if I want to employ a 15 year old for jobs around my elderly parents' home do they need to apply for a DBS check?


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What do you mean by 'employ' ? You are quoting a 15 year old school child. But to answer your question I would say that anyone of this age who is involved in the care of a vulnerable person must be DBS checked.
I agree with D para
it is all about - close unsupervised contact
and so if you say that the ado is employed for odd jobs for your mother and your dad has nothing to do with it
then I think you are in the clear

Your parents arent Ronnie and paymonda Biggs are they?
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My parents struggle with day to day household chores such as vacuuming, weeding, washing the car and drive and the 15 year old next door neighbour (who they have known since she was born) is willing to help out. My parents insist on paying her.

I know that if her parents' were to employ my dad to give her piano lessons he would have to be DBS checked so I am trying to clarify the law for the girl working in their home.

To be fair, it's hard to determine who is the most vulnerable - the 15 year old or my parents :D
I'm not sure it's true that your dad would have to have a DBS check if the neighbour wanted to employ him to give piano lessons
er the two things are COMPLETELY different

One is an adult (the piano teacher) being paid by another adult ( the father ) to teach a minor ( the ado,) in a secluded envirnment ( the piano room ) alone - which had been previouslyassociated with abuse ( the andrade case)

and the other is an adult giving money to a minor to work by himself without supervision under the say-so of another adult in an open environment - the garding - no not the garding-shed......
I think if challenged, later on ( you are gonna be all right in less than 12 m) that you thought about it
and decided it wasnt necessary

I think you can also make the case - as your parents you say arent Ronnie and Raymonda Biggs - that the DBS is negative and so the only fault is not having a piece of paper rather than endagering a child .....

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Dbs Check Needed To Employ A Child?

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