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Mitchy_Boy | 15:15 Mon 07th Nov 2005 | How it Works
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Due to spirallng costs i am considering cancelling my Sky subscription and getting freeview instead. However i currently have a "Digi Sender" unit that infa-reds my Sky picture to another TV within the house. The receiver on the other TV picks up the signal allowing me to watch Sky in another room. Does anyone know if this works with a Freeview set top box?


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Your Digisender unit should work fine with a Freeview box.

Information source: any.html
Put your mouse over the black Digisender. Click 'FAQ' and see the last question.

you don't need a freeview box. just cancel will still get most channels freedigital services have.
There is something called freesat you see (mainly for places who can't get freeview i guess..we can't get freeview here for example). but if you already have a need to do anything really.
The only thing is you won't get e4 or more4. Not sure why, there's a bit of a kerfuffle over it apparently..

so if you don't get rid of your current equipment there should be no probs over getting it in another room.
Your sender will work fine with a digibox. If you want to save the expense pay sky �20 for a freesat card and you will get all the freeview channels plus many more

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Freeview and Digi Sender

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