washing machine won't drain

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sunflower68 | 07:23 Fri 04th Nov 2005 | How it Works
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Help! I may have overloaded it yesterday and now it's pretty full of water which won't drain away therefore the spin cycle will not work. Anything I can do?? :o


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Where does your waste hose drain into? Is it plumbed into the waste pipe under a sink, or do you drape it over a sink? Either way, you need to disconnect it.

Next, get a bucket or washing up bowl, and put it on the floor. Lower the waste pipe from the washing machine into the bucket/bowl. The end of the pipe needs top be below the level of the water in your machine, so that it should now drain out. You will find that once the water level falls (try and get as much water out as possible), it should click back on and proceed with the next part of the cycle, or allow you to spin and then you'll be able to open the door.

Hopefully, it is just a case that you've overloaded the machine, but if it happens again next time you use it, it's probably the pump.

That's what's happened to my washing machine, so I have to manually drain it by the above method for each rwash / rinse / spin part of the cycle until pay-day when I can get a new one!

If water will not drain, check:

That the outlet hose is not kinked or raised more than 40� from the floor.

If you wish to remove articles when the water will not pump out, place the end of the drain hose into a bucket on the floor and allow water to drain out by gravity, noting that more than one bucketful may be present. Hook the hose into the sink again and try the spinner before removing the articles - if this fails most of the water can be baled out with a cup.

If the above method fails to remove the water then the pump is probably blocked - do not open the door, but contact your nearest Service Engineer.
Whoops...Hi brachiopod...we crossed(:)

A-ha! en garde! touch� Vinny! etc. etc.


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Ho ho what a terrific way to spend a Friday night. Thanks boys, your advice worked out well on the drainage front. It is now almost empty though it is not draining on its own. Will give it a bit more of a manual drain; it was fun last time.
You seem to be having a great time with your washer. It may be the pump thats at fault BUT it may be something as simple as the in line filter in the drain pipe. If the pipe connects to the waste pipe under the sink you may find the filter where they connect.
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Felt very smug and chuffed to bits as I managed to find and clean out the filter.....even better was that I found �1.55 in it - result! My good mood was quickly deflated as the thing will now drain but not spin.......

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.......hang on there boys, just a little question. I noticed a few bits of silverware were missing from my display cabinet and I just can't seem to place my 12 year old Malt...

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washing machine won't drain

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