What On Earth Is Happening Here?

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anthro-nerd | 10:00 Fri 18th May 2018 | How it Works
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"This auditory illusion allows you to easily switch between the two words: Brain Storm and Green Needle, depending on whichever word you're thinking of. It's even possible to hear an amalgamation of both words, such as "brain needle" or "green storm."



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creepy I deliberately made myself think all four combinations and heard every one... STOP MESSING WITH MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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it's freaking me out!!
"I can just about get the "Brain"/"Green" switch. "Storm" or "Needle" though?!

I had fun getting an excel spreadsheet to choose between the options for me and the audio got it right every time.

Mind = blown.

On an unrelated note, doesn't this just provide a brilliant counter to any argument based on what someone claims to have seen/heard?
try this one where you can move the slider to the point where you hear laurel (or yanny) - then slide it back and find the point where it changes.
*swore blind I could only hear "yanny" yesterday"*

*plays clip*

*hears LAUREL*

"Ah, they've started at the low setting!"

*discovers this was the original recording*

*starts to think of Yanny*

*hears only that now*

*tears remaining hair out*
Brain and green sound similar so you'll hear the one you're waiting for. Storm and needle, well you can hear green storm or brain needle if waiting for it. I suspect expectation allows you to ignore sounds you are looking for and note those you are.
that's sort of the point, isn't it, OG? That you hear what you want to hear?
Interesting link Quoi. One has to slide to one space from the far left end before it starts playing "laurel".
Nearly, but you can't hear just anything. You hear what is actually there, but extract it from the whole. It's what I think is happening here.
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Quoi, seriously interesting link!!!
The dress is clearly blue and bronze, assuming normal lighting.
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It matters not how hard I try, *all* I can hear is "brain storm"...
Wahhhh, not playing.
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Mamya! Try it!!
Green Needle, nothing else.
I can hear 'brain needle' or 'green needle'. Can't get storm at all.

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What On Earth Is Happening Here?

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