Anybody Heard Of An "erroneous Transfer"? Gas Supply In My Case.

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ladybirder | 15:14 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | How it Works
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Not sure if this is the correct category. I am worn out trying to sort this. So do any ABers know what I'm talking about? Thank you.


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Not 100% sure.. but it sounds like you've made a wrong payment to your gass suppliers.
Not quite Spathi. Read the link.
Sorry danny, the link went to a 404 error.
Not sure what happened there.. I said Cheers Danny!
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You've got it in one Danny. A nightmare. Thanks for the links guys. I've read Danny's CA one and 3 pages of his Ofgem link until I noticed there were 24 pages then I stopped as it is proposals of how to handle these ETs in the future.
It has been going on for 8 weeks, one company blaming the other for the delay in switching back. I found a forum where one chaps was saying it took him 14 months to get his returned. My supplier is saying the other company is not responding to their request to transfer it back and the other company says Oh Yes we have but your supplier is not responding to us. And so it goes on.
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Thank you Chris but I did manage to find my way back to the information from Danny's first link.
This happened to us a few years ago and it took months to get back to normal again. The company we were with EON wouldn't speak to us as they said we were now with British Gas and they said that we had switched to them. It was British Gas that got it wrong as they put a different post code in and the street name was nearly the same as ours. In the end we were switched back and they let us off with all the energy we had used in the time we were supposedly with them as a sorry from them. It was a lot of hassle though.
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Thank you Shedman. Good to hear someone else's experience. Sounds as though Eon were totally out of order there. My problem is it is next door who have changed supplier and this supplier has used my MRPN. If anyone's wondering that stands for Meter Point Reference Number and I'm told mine is wrong on the National Database. I shall give them another couple of weeks and then follow the guidelines on Danny's first link and make an official complaint.
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Meant to add shedman, you were very lucky to get compensation. Apparently it hardly ever happens.
ladybirder it wasn't Eons fault it was British Gas as they told Eon that we had changed over to them. When you leave a company it is the new supplier that tells the old one you are leaving them. It took us a while to get it sorted as they were both trying to say we had changed. In the end I told them both to sort it within 2 weeks or I would contact the ombudsman. It was soon sorted and that is when they compensated us for the hassle we had had.
happened to my step son.. after correspondence and threats of ombudsman, f
got it sorted and 3 months free gas and leccy

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Anybody Heard Of An "erroneous Transfer"? Gas Supply In My Case.

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