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Curly and straight

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rhinoterry | 16:47 Wed 19th Oct 2005 | How it Works
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Why do some people have curly hair but some people have straight hair?


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I don't the the answer but why is it that people who have curly hair wish it was straight and people with straight hair wish theirs was curly.
i have dead straight hair all my mates hate me coz they spend hours trying to get there hait straight i really wish i had curly hair i love teh way it looks n stuff. i dunno y but im hapy with it dead straight atm :)

It appears that the shape of the hair follicle controls whether one's hair is curly or straight... check here:

Seems to me that its the same reason that some poeple have blue eyes and some have brown, that some are short and some are tall.  genetics and stuff like that.
if you run your fingernail along a hair it instantly curls. thats what happening to hair but slower, its the shape of the follicle

Well I don't know if it's linked, but I've curly hair and am well endowed.

Hint (if you're male, don't boast about having straight hair. if you're female, how you doin'?)

Just out of interest - straight hair is a recessive gene so it has to be present in both parents to produce a straight haired child.

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Curly and straight

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