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ilovemarkb | 13:15 Sat 10th Sep 2016 | How it Works
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I had a sofa delivered last thursday (La-Z-Boy). I thought it would be the best choice for neck problems (degenerative discs c5-c7) basically a very stiff neck and neck shoulder and back pain. my neck issues have worsened with this sofa. I am gutted. It was from SCS (payments over 4 years). Legally is there any way I can get this sofa changed???


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Ooh I doubt it ilove :/
Fit for purpose, i.e sitting on x
If the sofa you bought was being advertised as being good for posture, then you may have had a case?
If bought online, you should have 14 days to cancel

I would say it is worth a try investigating a return.

Failing that, package as new and sell it on?
If you bought it in the store you would be legally entitled to a refund or exchange only if you discussed your neck problems with them and they advised you that that particular sofa would be of help and you relied on that advice to make your choice.

However, no harm in contacting SCS and see if they will agree to an exchange.

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thanks guys contacted scs and there is nothing they can do.....oh dear
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could be worth a try THANKYOU XX
sorry ilove to hear that - when you have so many probs with head and neck you would have been much safer to "try before you buy". Hope the head rest helps you.

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