Lost Combination For Cycle Lock

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EEZABLADE32 | 13:03 Fri 11th Oct 2013 | How it Works
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Hi, I have a Bikemate 4 cylinder cable cycle lock. Problem is I've lost the combination. Is there a way of resetting so I can use it again.




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I did that with a suitcase once, there may be an easier way but all I found to do was start off at 0000 and try it, go to 0001, 0002 etc, there's about 10,000 combinations so may take a while though but if you do it with a movie on the sofa you'll soon get there!
10000 options. 10 a minute, under 17 hours. With a bit of luck you'll hit it half way for about a day's effort. Best of luck.
It wouldnt be secure if it was easy to re-set. Cut it off & buy new.....
as above.....!
r u stalking me
Will this work?

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Thx for the sensible answers. Think I'll dump it and buy another.

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Lost Combination For Cycle Lock

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