Inducing Labour In The Late 80's

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dannyday5821 | 16:57 Sun 13th Oct 2013 | How it Works
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how did they induce labour in the late 80's? I ask because I was a month overdue, and their attempts at inducing labour didn't work. I was just curious to understand what they actually did. i assume how they work today differs from today.

do they just inject a lot of hormones and hope for the best? in the end, something must have worked, or happened, because i was born 'naturally' eventually.


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Hormone pessary usually.
I don't know the answer. Couldn't you ask your Mum?
Sent you for a curry and a couple of halves of lager. Worked from Mrs Z anyway.
Late 80's?

2 main methods:

1) ARM...anterior rupture of membranes...sweeping the membranes with a finger in the cerix.

2) Syntocin or Pitocin stimulate. the uterus.

In a nutshell.
P.S You DO mean 1980's?...;-)
I open so sqad otherwise we have a very old new member.
I was induced in 1976, I was put on a drip.
Has it worked yet mamy?
I had No 2, one minute lying there without a care in the world then Wham!
Not took me tights off.
Snap Mamya. Me too induced on May 3. Baby never wore clothes that summer!
no disrespect, but it would have been very brave/silly of any doctor to allow anyone to be 4 weeks overdue.

Physical and droogz -

Physical is - exam, 'sweep the membranes' and possibly break 'the forewaters' by breaking a hole in the amnion

droogz - oxytocin pessaries and or intravenous oxytocin

not sure if it is different now
having a baby is hardly 'new'

Being a month overdue is pretty late - 41 or 42 weeks gestation
it is more likely that your mum was wrong in her dates.

and clearly their attempts at inducing DID work as you still arent er inside.

a\sk your mum - peoples memories during labour arent exactly crystal clear esp if there were more than one child.

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Inducing Labour In The Late 80's

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